Save valuable time & money

Our Bookkeeping in Leicester service enables you to retain control of your finances and ensure that correct controls are in place.
We make sure that we accurately record all of the financial transactions for your business including; purchases, sales, receipts and payments by an individual or organization. Our Bookkeeping is always performed by a highly trained member of our team with on-going access to our Accountants.
Bookkeeping is a key part of your overall control, so don’t underestimate its importance as it can make the difference on how profitable your business is.
As part of our Bookkeeping service we offer:
  • Frequency to suit you and your business (daily / weekly / monthly / quarterly)
  • Control of Accounts Payable (monthly / quarterly / annually) Including “Who should I pay?” reports
  • Control of Accounts Receivable (monthly / quarterly / annually) – Including “Who should I chase for money?” reports
  • Bookkeeping provides critical inputs for:- Cash Flow Management & Stock Control
  • Our team will make sure that we have an on-going dialogue & interaction to make sure we understand your business issues.
 Our competitive pricing structure means you could receive considerably more service without increasing your costs.
As a result, our service will:
  • Save your valuable time and money
  • Ensure that your books are managed by competent bookkeepers
  • Ensure you have accurate processing of your invoices
  • Take away your stress in managing administrative tasks
  • Allow you more time and money to focus on the strategic affairs of the business

Zak Partnership specialise in bookkeeping in Leicester.