Sage Consultants

The Zak Partnership have long recognised the importance of working closely with both our clients and our broader partner supplier community as a whole.  By forming a close working relationship in this area, we are able to ensure that our solutions and services delivered to our growing client base are more suitably focused and tuned to the benefit of everybody involved.

In order to further these relationships, The Zak Partnership  promote regular workshops and presentations alongside Sage to ensure that we keep the whole community fully aware of the new features, products and benefits available from working with The Zak Partnership.  These workshops may be either group sessions, or where appropriate, tailored presentations specific to the interests and needs of a particular market sector or our entire installed client base.

Working in close partnership with suppliers like Sage, The Zak Partnership are able to leverage additional support in terms of pricing, commitment, and resource. This in turn ensures that our overall relationships with our clients will invariably be enhanced, leading to long-term benefits and improved customer service for all involved.


"I had not been happy with the service of my previous accountants for a while but I had always been concerned that switching may be inconvenient.
However, I had no cause for worry because the Zak Partnership and I built up a professional understanding extremely quickly, and this was despite
the fact that my business activity was a new experience for the Zak Partnership."
Mat Dawson, Director Stoneygate Clinical & Research Limited