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Accounting is an integral part of every organisation in Leciester. It is used to maintain both a detailed and bird’s eye-view understanding a company’s financials to make both short-term and strategic business decisions. By definition, it is the collection of all financial data and its use, organisation, and interpretation. The information is then used to assess a company’s position, determine profitability and liquidity.

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At Zak Parnership here are some of the common services we provide:


Let’s look at a few essential services, like bookkeeping. It is recording of all financial transaction that occur in the business during its operation on a regular basis. There are a few known methods of bookkeeping in common use, such as the single entry format and the double-entry system. Other than these formats, any record of business transactions is understood as bookkeeping.
Bookkeeping is one of the most labor-intensive and time-consuming types of work a business may need help with. However, accurately performing bookkeeping is crucial for ensuring that a business easily passes CRA audits and avoid sanctions and penalties, save time while filing, and maintain a clear picture of the business’s financial health.
Inheritance tax
You can manage the difficult process of inheritance tax with accounting firms. Planning forward to navigate through this process is something you need. Professionals can work with you to reduce your burden of liabilities. It includes reviewing your estate and all personal and business assets, and aid in preparing a will that is tax-efficient. Please note that inheritance tax is voluntary. Accounting firms in Leicester offer comprehensive inheritance tax services for easily wading through all the procedures of taxation.
Tax & VAT
Another complex tax system is Value-added taxes (VAT). These have become so due to constantly changing regulations and requirements of the government. Accounting firms have specialists that are trained in tax law. It is always good to check in with practiced and experience entities that can serve your needs once you have come to your own personal assessment.
As far as corporate taxes are concerned, these fall on the owners of the business. A reprieve is needed for the timely calculation and administration, along with assistance in managing installment payments. As far as accounting firms in Leicester go we are your partners and will get the job done.

Collaborating with accounting firms is a step many business owners and individuals take to supervise and streamline the financial reporting process.


"I had not been happy with the service of my previous accountants for a while but I had always been concerned that switching may be inconvenient.
However, I had no cause for worry because the Zak Partnership and I built up a professional understanding extremely quickly, and this was despite
the fact that my business activity was a new experience for the Zak Partnership."
Mat Dawson, Director Stoneygate Clinical & Research Limited