Accountants in Leicestershire

Professional Accountants in Leicestershire

Accountants are not difficult to find. However, professional accountants that can truly add value to your business, help you reduce overall costs and assist you in improving business efficiencies are very difficult to find. Zak Partnership believes that every client is the most important client, regardless of size. We know that today’s business environment is very challenging and business owners need all the help they can get to remain profitable.

Our services as accountants in Leicestershire have a well-known reputation that has been earned over many years of hard work and client service. While we do offer excellent accountancy service, we help businesses with a wide range of areas.

Accredited Sage Consultants

We are accredited Sage Consultants and can help businesses improve all of their business processes. We provide an overall evaluation with recommendations to the business owner and let the business owner decide what areas they want to address. Our goal is always to reduce costs as much as we can and improve business process efficiency.

Payroll Services

Zak Partnership also offers quality payroll services and saves you time. This allows you to concentrate the truly important issues like dealing with your customers and keeping your employee morale high. With increasing regulations in almost every area of business, payroll can be extremely challenging to do properly. Let us lift the burden of your payroll duties and help you become more efficient in every area of your business.

Tax Planning

One area that many business owners forget about is tax planning. We offer complete consultant service and advice to help minimise the tax implications and ensure your money is protected. Regulations are very complex and tax planning must be done on an individual basis for a positive outcome and to ensure tax penalties are avoided.

If you need expert accountants in Leicestershire, do not settle for second best. Contact Zak Partnership and let’s begin a long-term relationship today.


“It was the year 1979 little did we know then , how important is the role of the financial controller. In 1991 our co director died suddenly….his name was Ramon, He was like a brother to me. Our challenge was the company accounts and the financial control , which Ramon being accountancy trained did so well and professionally. Zak became our Rock when Ramon died, and we were comforted. Knowing the business as Zak did, we continued doing what we do best , working in the business And knowing the financial statements and cash at bank was being handled by Zak we continued to grow.

Thank you Zak, for always being there for us, and stepping in and helping us through those very difficult emotional and financial times, without you we would not be as successful as we are today. You are there for us 24/7 And the pride you deliver with your financial control which is exceptional and is beyond just doing the numbers. You are very special to us”
Joe Mastroianni, Director, The Kingston Riding School